What is Quick Multiply?

Quick Multiply is a tool which provides a super-fast learning of the multiplication tables. It improves the visual memory, makes easier the comprehension and minimizes the number of times tables elements that should be memorised.

How does it work?

This didactic to learn to multiply is reinforced by feedback of the visual memory and develops children deductive skills. The reason is that this method allows both children and teachers to use the table of the addition of two equal numbers (in which each number is summed with itself) and the commutative property as a base for understanding and reduce to the maximum the number of elements which need to be memorized during the multiplication tables learning. And so eliminating all the times tables elements which are directly deductible by the child.

Children can learn the multiplication tables with Quick Multiply in a fast and playful manner. This method to learn to multiply reduces significantly the effort that children have to make when memorising compared to the traditional method. And it has even demonstrated its effectivity in children with learning problems, in which the use of traditional learning methods were nor effective.

Quick Multiply is available in physical medium, as a workbook with supplementary tables to learn and review the multiplication tables while they develop their visual memory, and in digital format, as an APP.

Quick Multiply APP includes a self-correction system to facilitate the work of teachers and to develop the self-learning of the students. This APP also produces immediate and automatically an error report to further improve teachers work.

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This is what our clients think

“I am the mother of a child with a specific learning disorder, that’s to say, with dyslexia and dyscalculia.…SEE MORE

Thanks to this method my daughter is happy due to the fact that she has learnt the times tables without any effort and this makes her feel the same as everybody else. A very big thank you to the whole QM team.”

Original comment: “Soy la madre de una niña con trastorno específico del aprendizaje, es decir, con dislexia y discalculia. Gracias a este metodo mi hija es feliz ya que ha aprendido sin esfuerzo las tablas de multiplicar y eso hace que no se sienta diferente a los demás. Muchísimas gracias a todo el equipo de Quick Multiply.”


From Palma de Mallorca – Marga

“Dios los bendiga muchísimo y les deseo que su empresa siga prosperando grandemente.”

From México

“Les felicito por la elaboración de este material que está buenísimo.”

From Ecuador

“Me ha parecido maravillosa esta forma de aprendizaje para que mi hijo aprenda las tablas.”

From Cuba


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Tested in schools all over the world

Currently, we can find the method Quick Multiply to learn the multiplication tables in schools throughout Spain, as well as in other schools of Europe and South America.

Innovaseries committed to the new technologies

Innovaseries contributes to the development of new technologies…SEE MORE

in the field of education with the release of the Quick Multiply APP. This APP is already available in Play Store and it also includes a demo version. SEE LESS

Self-correction and Error Report in the new APP

The new Quick Multiply APP has added a self-correction system that could be activated before or after doing the exercises…SEE MORE

When this system is activated before doing the exercises, it is useful for children to improve their self-learning skills. When it is activated after doing the exercises, it shows to the teachers the correct and the incorrect answers.

Along with the self-correction function, this new APP produces immediate and automatically an error report to further improve teachers work.


Much more than just a workbook or a game

Quick Multiply users think that…SEE MORE

this method provides a super-fast learning of the multiplication tables for children while they enjoy it as if it was a game.

It will be even more fun with “QM jueGAME”, a new APP that it is now available. It includes many games with different levels of self-learning that make the learning of the multiplication tables enjoyable. SEE LESS

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